Aims of the Religious Studies Department

Within the Catholic ethos of Little Flower School, the following are the aims of the Religion Department:

  1. To develop and strengthen within each pupil a personal relationship with God, in partnership with home and parish.
  2. To foster knowledge, understanding and practice of the traditions and teachings of the Catholic faith.
  3. To encourage an appreciation of each pupil’s own dignity, uniqueness, and self-worth, made in God’s image.
  4. To foster an awareness of each pupil’s role and responsibility, within her vocation, of continuing creation, through the use of her talents and abilities.
  5. To encourage pupils to become aware of their social responsibilities in promoting respect for life, love, justice and peace.
  6. To foster an ecumenical attitude.
  7. To promote an appreciation of the Liturgy through experiencing Worship, Prayer and the Sacramental life of the Church.
  8. To encourage pupils to live Gospel values and attitudes in their daily lives, through a Christocentric catechesis.
  9. To afford opportunities for pupils to experience the spiritual, active and practical dimensions of the Apostolic Church.
  10. To help each pupil experience actively belonging to a believing community, in which faith and life are integrated.
  11. To help each pupil develop an informed conscience and an appreciation of her responsibility for decisions and actions.

The aims of the Religion Department strongly reflect the aims of Little Flower School.

This is achieved primarily:

  • Through the delivery of the Religious Studies curriculum,
  • By witness to and practice of the traditions and teachings of the Catholic faith,
  • In partnership with Senior and Junior school Chaplains – e.g. Mass for the Dedication of Studies, celebration of Year Group Masses, Class Masses, Advent and Lenten Penitential Services, 6th Form Retreat, Staff Mass of Thanksgiving,
  • By raising awareness of the need to work for social justice at home and abroad e.g. fund raising for the Developing World, Christmas hampers,
  • Through the Education for Relationships and Sexuality Programme,
  • Through pupil led assemblies,
  • In liaison with the Music Department.

Class Groupings

Class Groupings and Time Allocation

Religious Education is a compulsory subject for every pupil.

Key Stages 3 and 4:

  • 4 x 35 minute periods per week are allocated to the teaching of Religion.

Years 13 and 14:

  • GCE ‘AS / A2’ level ~ 8 x 35 minute periods per week
  • Non-exam students ~ 1 x 35 minute period per week

The Religious Studies Department plays a crucial role in promoting the Catholic Ethos of Little Flower Girls’ School. We work closely with our pupils, their home and parish communities to encourage the support the young people in their faith development. We believe religion is more than a subject and so offer an extensive after school programme.


Year 8

The main Year 8 textbook is entitled ‘Fully Alive 1.’

The themes they explore are:

  • Exploring the Bible
  • Baptism, Confirmation and Discipleship
  • Liturgical Year
  • Palestine at the time of Jesus
  • The Parish Community

Year 9

The Year 9 textbook is ‘Fully Alive 2.’

The themes explored in Year 9 are:

  • The creation of the world
  • Caring for the environment
  • Morality
  • Orthodox Church
  • Christian Unity
  • What it means to be a Catholic

Year 10

The Year 10 students follow a Catholic module this year.

Themes include:

  • Inside Church buildings
  • Beliefs surrounding the Eucharist
  • Pilgrimage
  • Festivals
  • What do Catholics believe about many social issues.


All students follow a GCSE course in Religious Studies and have the opportunity to succeed within the Grade range A* - G.

Year 11 - A study of Christianity through the Gospel of St Mark.

In this course, the students are given the opportunity to look in detail at the main parts of the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. Students are encouraged to develop their faith through reflection and discussion on miracles and the passion and death of Jesus.

Year 12 – Christian ethics.

This section of the course affords the students the opportunity to learn about how to put their faith into action through investigating issues such as justice, reconciliation, war, peace, abortion.

A Level

The students in Little Flower who opt to continue their studies in Religious Education follow an initial AS course in Religious Studies (CCEA Specification).

This course has two modules:

  • Module 1 – An introduction to the Gospel of Luke (Miss McCarthy)

This unit will introduce the students to the Gospel of Luke and will require them to investigate his account of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. Other themes to be investigated include parables, miracles and the various names given to Jesus in this Gospel.

  • Module 2 – Ethics (Mrs Sampson)

This module will introduce the students to the foundations of ethics. They will be looking at ethical dilemmas surrounding sexual issues, life and death issues and bio-ethics.

Modular Studies

All Year 13 and 14 students participate in a modular non-exam Religion Programme. We have designed this course to meet the needs of the post-16 students, especially those who have not selected Religious Studies as an advanced course.

The modular programme provides the students with the opportunity to reflect on their faith in a mature manner, thereby coming to a greater understanding of the importance of faith in the world today.

The programme incorporates films, music, various articles and activities and includes elements from the following:

 Belief in God
 Personal Development through the use of the 'Enneagram'
 Moral Issues
 Our Church

Faith Development


all programmes take place in No. 65 Somerton Road.

The young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in monthly meditation/prayer services, Sacraments (Eucharist and Reconciliation), assemblies, guest speakers, Religious Studies visits, Faith Friends and charity work.

We organise and run a comprehensive programme of faith development outside of school hours to provide the opportunity for the young people to meet other young people, share their faith and learn new skills.

Year 8 - This programme starts early in the first term.

The young people are given the opportunity to come to terms with the fears and apprehensions they are experiencing as they settle into their new schools. This programme runs before school on Wednesday mornings.

Year 9 - Growing in Faith Together 2.

This programme allows the young people the opportunity to look at issues such as peer pressure, faith issues and the opportunity to take part in dramas, art and trips. This programme runs in Term 2 on Wednesday afternoons.

Year 10 - Growing in Faith Together 3.

This programme looks at relationships and allows the young people to discuss many of the issues facing youth of today in a safe, controlled environment. They reflect on their faith and hopes for the future as they prepare for GCSE. This programme runs of Wednesdays in term 3.

Getting Connected - This is a programme for Year 11 students.

It covers a range of issues and activities and encourages the young people to take an active part in their local parish. They also organise and take part in charity work. This programme runs throughout the year on Wednesday afternoons from 3.15-5pm.

Life Group

This is a group for Year 12 students and encourages the young people to look at issues like abortion, euthanasia and dealing with death and bereavement. This group meets on a Monday afternoon throughout the year.

Faith Friends

This is a programme which allows Year 13 and 14 students to participate as peer ministers with younger students in our local primary schools.

John Paul II

This programme is for Year 13 and 14 students and encourages them to take an active role in the school and local community. It involves peer ministry, reading at Mass and providing refreshments.

Dead theologians Society

This is a group of Year 13 students who meet on a Thursday after school. They look at the lives of the saints and discuss issues of faith.



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