Ethos of the Department:

The Home Economics department has a significant role to play in preparing pupils for life and work. The Home Economics department provides pupils with opportunities to explore real issues relevant to everyday life. The aim of the Home Economics department is to develop pupils as individuals by helping them explore their health in a practical context, enhancing their potential to live a healthy lifestyle and make responsible choices about their diet and food.

The Home Economics department gives pupils a sense of themselves as social beings and how they can relate to one another and help them make reasoned judgements in family relationships. The Home Economics department also aims to give pupils an awareness of themselves in a changing economy to help them become more discerning and effective consumers when making judgements in relation to the environment and personal finances.



There are three key concepts in Home Economics. Each key concept has a number of statements that make up the revised statutory requirements for the Key Stage as a whole not for individual years.

In key Stage 3 the concepts taught are:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Home & Family Life
  • Independent Living

Throughout key Stage 3 the Home Economics department will make every effort to allow the pupils to develop as healthy individuals.


At Key Stage 4 pupils can decide to study GCSE Hospitality or Occupational Studies Patisserie & Baking. In either subject the aims are the same.

To allow pupils to:

  • Follow a broad, coherent, satisfying & worthwhile course of study;
  • Develop the knowledge, understanding & skills required for each subject;
  • Actively engage in practical processes to develop as independent learners.



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