Ethos of Department

History encourages students to develop the skills and attributes required for success in life and work. Within the History department we use a variety of learning and teaching strategies to build up historical skills and understanding. Above all, we place an emphasis on pupils’ participation in their own learning and building self confidence in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We encourage pupils to become aware of their own past and culture as well as the past and culture of others. In Years 8 and 10 we support our learning with educational visits to Carrickfergus Castle and the Somme Heritage Centre. In Year 13 and 14 we visit Kilmainhaim Jail to support the teaching of Unit A2 2.



Year 8:

  • An introduction to “What is History?”, “Why we Study History?” and “History Skills”
  • Connected Learning Unit: “All About Me”.
  • The Norman Impact in Britain and Ireland 1066-1450

Year 9:

  • The History of Ireland, Britain and Europe c.1500 – c.1850

Year 10:

  • The History of Ireland from c1850 to Ireland after partition in 1921.
  • US History- Slavery to Civil Rights.


Year 11: Paper 1 (50%)

  • The USA 1918-1941.
  • Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland and the Second World War c1932–c1949.

Year 12: Paper 2 & Controlled Assessment

  • The Cold War 1945-1991 (25%)
  • An investigative study on “Who Shot JFK?”(25%)


Year 13

  • Germany and the Nazis 1918-1943. (25%)
  • Russia 1903-1941 (25%)

Year 14

  • The Partition of Ireland 1900-1925. (30%)
  • The Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900-2000. (20%)




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